Born on 28-5-16 together with 3 sisters and 5 brothers in the north of the country, but like the rest of our bulls, she also comes from a Dutch / Belgian combination. As for the rest, she is somewhat quieter. But we can also experience with her many different adventures. The adventure began when we took her to the south. Sometimes she feels the queen of the house, lying on the couch with our Fien. But occasionally she can also enjoy playing with the other bulls. Even though she is the quietest, she plays equally with them at such moments.

But spending time in a woody or watery environment, they certainly loves. Here she can lose energy. But nice hug and lying on the couch is never a problem for her. On shows she will not be seen soon, she doesn't like that.
Just being alone is no fun, if we disappear for 1 minute from her sight she pretends we have been gone away for hours.

Hopefully, we can use her for the kennel in the future.

Huu Clear