Adventure to Live Mister Melroy

This boy was born on 21-11-15. He is from the litter who can carry our kennel name first. Like his mother Meadje of the Starlinebulls aka Misty, he also comes from a Dutch-Belgian combination. Apparently this is a great combination because he is full of energy. Soon it was clear to us that we could experience a nice adventure here. That's why he stayed with us.

As a little boy it was clear that it is a busy boy. But hugging and much attention at times is very much appreciated by this boy. Of course we also regularly go to the forest and a watery area where we experience many different adventures with him. In this way he can lose his energy. In addition, we regularly visit shows on which he achieved excellent results.

  • He also stands at stud for suitable female dogs
  • Huu
  • approval suitable for breeding