About us

Welcome to Adventure to live

We are Sander and Nathalie, and together with our five Bulldogs we live in a wooded and wetland environment in the middle of Limburg, in the municipality of Leudal (Netherlands). We are here regularly for an adventure with our Bulldogs. We are located close to the border with Belgium and Germany, within 20 minutes we are in Belgium or Germany. In the first place, we keep the Bulls for our own enjoyment. Since we are in possession of this wonderful breed, we also join the pedigree dogs exhibitions domestically and internationally on a regular basis, where we achieve many good results. we deliberately keep Our kennel ‘Adventure to live’ small, so we our can give our bulls the attention and care they deserve. We only breed a litter when we want to retain a puppy from our very healthy bulls. Because health is our primary concern. Our goal is to obtain a very active bulldog and beauty is a secondary concern. Our dogs, that we breed with, passed the prescribed health examinations.

A Bulldog is not just a breed. because of their own wise and very sweet character and extraordinary appearance, our love for the English Bulldog is unconditional and this is mutual. they are buddies for life! An English Bulldog does more than just sleep and snore. We therefore like to go on adventures in the forest and wetland environment in our neighborhood. For us, it is therefore of great importance that the bulldoggs also enjoy themselves. For this reason, our bulls are free to walk around the house, where the sofa is their favorite. With their delightful character and all their craziness they stole our hearts.

Our objective is therefore to breed an active, healthy and social lineage that likes to join in various adventures and activities. But of course we also hope to achieve high show results with our own bred bulldogs. But health remains in 1st place. We will seek to strengthen the good qualities of our Bulldogs, so new owners may also experience a lot of joy because of the qualities and character of a Bulldog. For us, the Bulldog is much more than "just a dog". They’re part of our family, we see them as our children. We are sure: once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog. But this you will find out for yourself once you have one in the house.

We hope you enjoy our website. Do you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.